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Practice Management Program

Carolyn Shadle


John Meyer


Friday, October 1, 2021

Client and Team Communication

This cluster of interactive presentations will involve enhancing engagement with the clients and team members. Included will be demonstrations and role-play of effective communication patterns.

Nicole Clausen

Saturday, October 2, 2021

Clinic Inventory

Inventory Best Practices: Join Nicole Clausen as she discusses inventory best practices throughout the entire cycle of inventory. Topics included in this presentation are reorder points, pricing your inventory, ordering and receiving best practices, and more.

How to Not Run Out of Your Inventory: In this presentation, Nicole Clausen will walk through a three-step process to make sure you never run out of anything in your practice again. Imagine no more panicked texts on your day off that something is out! Get ready to feel confident in exactly how much to order and when to order it.

Joey Viola

Marketing Consultant

Saturday, October 2, 2021

Going Digital

Joey Viola will be presenting about elevating your practices’ story and brand online. In this highly interactive presentation, you will walk away with a brand story scaffold and a go-to digital strategy with tips for your business!

Amy M. Mensik


Saturday, October 2, 2021

Disability Accommodation and What Should be in Your Handbook

Disability Accommodation in the Workplace: Avoiding Traps and Protecting Your Practice: Understanding and managing disability accommodation issues in the workplace can be one of the most complicated—and most litigated—obligations in the workplace. Help protect your practice by learning how  to “spot” a potential disability accommodation issue and understand how to address the situation legally and effectively.

What Should (and Should Not Be) in Your Employee Handbook: An employee handbook can be an employer’s salvation—or undoing. Through an interactive session discussing helpful sample policies, learn what key policies you should have in your practice’s employee handbook—and what policies you should not have in your handbook.
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Brandon Hess


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Sunday, October 3, 2021

Employee Wellness and OSHA

YES! OSHA Can be Fun (and no scary)! Part 1 and 2: Occupational Safety and Hazzard should not be a scary thing to take on. One of the biggest challenges, aside from actually carrying out the requirements, is the process of getting staff buy-in. Through this engaging two part workshop attendees will learn all of about OSHA, the requirements and how to get staff involved in the compliance process.

Veterinary Employee Wellness: The What, Why and How Part 1 and 2: Employee Wellness is a hot topic in veterinary medicine these days. Compassion fatigue and burnout are two topics that fall under this umbrella, along with suicide awareness. All of these topics influence the culture of a practice, but little is known about them because they are treated with such stigma. As topics like these are treated with stigma it decreases the chances that someone will ask for help.