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Large Animal Program

Amelia Woolums


Friday, October 1, 2021

Immunity and Antimicrobial Resistance in Bovine Respiratory Disease

Dr. Woolums will present a current practical overview of the workings of the immune system, followed by a discussion of immunity and vaccination in calves.  She’ll then review factors that impact health in stocker cattle, and finish with an update on antimicrobial resistance in bacteria that contribute to BRD.  Questions from the audience are encouraged!

Scott Waltner


Friday, October 1, 2021

Calf Nutrition and Hay

Calf Health and Nutrition Management: This talk will integrate perinatal programming with the reality of a commercial operation. A discussion of basic energy and protein requirements. How to understand a milk replacer label.  The goal of the talk is to provide options to creating a simple calf raising program in the first 60 days of life that will enable sound economics and optimal health.

The Art and Science of Hay: This talk is for any practitioner that has struggled to have a meaningful talk with a client about hay. If you see horses, cows, sheep, goats, llamas or alpacas and would like to make some sound basic recommendations on hay, this seminar is for you. Dr. Waltner has a Masters degree in animal nutrition and farms over 400 acres of his own hay. We will focus on simple hay physical and chemical evaluation. We will cover choices in hay based on the species and life-stage of the animal(s).

Frank Garry


Saturday, October 2, 2021

Beef Cattle Herds

Infectious Disease Prevention in Beef Cattle Herds: This presentation will discuss the methods we can use to minimize infectious disease problems in beef herds. Vaccination and treatment are commonly used, but they are only effective in certain circumstances and a successful approach to infectious disease management requires additional tools.

What Beef Cattle Veterinarians Should Know About Johne’s Disease: Johne’s disease is common in beef herds, but often goes unrecognized for long periods of time. Once established, this infectious disease can create significant problems that are difficult to manage. This presentation will discuss why and how veterinarians should be working with beef producers to avoid the problem or deal with it if it is already in the herd.

Developing and Using Beef Herd Metrics: Making a profit in beef calf production is not easy. Veterinarians can provide indispensable help to beef producers by developing and monitoring herd metrics that demonstrate where improvements in herd performance can use resources more effectively and provide the best opportunity for profitability.

Shannon Nielsen


Saturday, October 2, 2021

Large Animal Practice Management

Crafting Your Culture: The Key to Employee Retention: Dr. Nielsen will discuss what culture is, how her clinic has intentionally developed their culture, and how they maintain this culture. Why is this important? Culture is the key to success within the practice. Culture provides the foundation for employee interactions, which translate directly into patient treatments and client satisfaction.

So You Hired a New DVM… Now What?: Dr. Nielsen will take you through her hiring and on-boarding process. She will discuss searching for the right candidate, integrating them into the practice, and setting them up for long term success.  Personal and professional balance is achievable for us all – whether you are an owner or an associate!

Amber Itle


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Saturday, October 2, 2021

WA State Disease Trends, Case Studies and the Role of the Practitioner

Join us for an interactive session with the State Vet’s Office.  Learn about disease trends in Washington and across the US through real case studies, gain a better understanding of WSDA’s disease response, and understand your role as a practitioner in the field.

Craig McConnel


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Saturday, October 2, 2021

WSU Research Update

Dr. McConnel will present research summaries based on recent and on-going investigations at Washington State University into point of care diagnostics, gene expression and microbiome impacts in dairy calves with gastrointestinal disease, pasture impacts on dairy cow microbiomes, and pre- and probiotic use in livestock enterprises.

Glenn Shewmaker


Sunday, October 3, 2021

Pasture and Grazing Management and Forage Induced Animal Disorders

Pasture and Grazing Management: Dr. Shewmaker will present information on pasture grazing systems in relation to animal production.  Constant versus rotational stocking will be compared, as well as “mob-grazing.”  Livestock behavior and production under various grazing systems and management will be compared.

Forage Induced Animal Disorders: Dr. Shewmaker will focus on causes of forage induced animal disorders on pastures and feeding of fresh forages.  Discussion will provide background on Important questions to ask producers to properly diagnose and treat disorders.

Patricia Talcott


Sunday, October 3, 2021

Equine and Production Animal Toxicology

These two presentations will cover the most common causes of toxicology issues that face both equine and production animals, as well as a few uncommon but potential future toxicology issues. The use of case reports will review the diagnostic criteria that will assist a veterinarian in identifying these toxins, and will also include clinical signs, clinical pathologic data, gross and histologic changes, and treatment options.