Early-Bird ticket prices until August 18, 2019

Parking Information

Thank you again for registering to attend the 2019 Pacific Northwest Veterinary Conference.

We know that parking was an issue last year and unfortunately it is out of our control as there is construction going on all around the Convention Center and will still be happening this year during the conference.

Follow this link to google maps to show various parking locations around the Convention Center. We cannot guarantee the availability of these parking garages or which may be pass/permit garages/lots, but this will give you a starting point if you would like to do some research on parking ahead of time. There is also some street parking, but that parking does go fast!

Another parking option is to park near the Tacoma Dome and ride the Tacoma Link Light Rail. There are two parking structures located next to the Sounder train platform and the Tacoma Link light rail station:

North Building is at 610 Puyallup Ave.
South Building is at 424 E. 25th St.
The Tacoma Link station is located at: 424 E. 25th St., Tacoma

The light rail is free to ride. More information can be found here. The light rail will drop you off across the street from the Convention Center.

There is also information about directions and parking on the Tacoma Convention Center Website.

Thanks and please let us know if you have any questions.